Cascade Pinot Noir
2017-2019 Cascade Vertical
750ML Bottle
All-Encompassing. Focused. Eloquently Understated.

Immerse yourself with an exclusive 3-bottle collection of Gran Moraine Cascade Pinot Noir. The 2017 Cascade has the pure essence of a Hood River strawberry, with balanced bountiful acidity and notes of cranberry, guava and forest floor. The 2018 Cascade is brightly focused with huckleberry-like acidity, flavors of Vanilla bean, serviceberry, elderberry, and spicy tamarind. Enjoy the 2019 Cascade with aromas of dusty lavender, and summer rain, showcasing notes of blackberry tea and raspberries. 

Painfully beautiful juxtapositions

Velvet drapes followed by a zipper

Bottle of Cascade Pinot Noir on a fancy table

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