Overhead shot of a person blending wine in a lab


The secret sauce of discipline & freedom of expression

In the cellar, a distinctive team follows the stringent processes adopted from Israeli military-run wineries of Shane Moore’s past, while dancing to the ever-changing verve of 24/7 music that emanates through the open-air winery, creating a sonic bubble around the facility.

Taking a barrel sample


Unconstrained Experimentation, eschewing
expectations, unselfconscious innovation.

Behind Gran Moraine’s refined wines are experimental projects set to test the limits and fail their way to great discoveries. A walk-through the winery reveals ten cases of pet nat tucked in the corner, never to be released, extended tirage sparkling wines destined for various late disgorgement dates, and a clay amphora decorated with colorful hand-painted symbols.

Can't rush this.

At Gran Moraine, the sun rises and sets with Chardonnay. No other grape is so versatile. No other grape adapts like Chardonnay. Power from acidity, complexity from long native ferments, precision from judicious oak use.

Man holding and opening a bottle of sparking wine spraying wine in the cellar
Man spraying water in the cellar
They say I pick early, I say they pick late.

Shane Moore’s viticultural and winemaking choices shine a light on the monologue of Gran Moraine Vineyard, lifting its voice through precise early picks, extended native ferments and careful extraction. These choices bring to life the vineyard’s clean, vibrant energy, crunchy toothsome tannins, and perfumed character marked by citrus, heady floral notes, and herbs de Provence.

Sound delicious? We think so too.

Each Gran Moraine wine is a taste and a world unto itself to consider and experience.

Man serving white wine behind a wine tasting bar