Flavorscape Pinot Blanc

2022 Yamhill-Carlton, OR
This wine is the result of years of experimentation. Since 2014 we have been producing sparkling base wines without the addition of SO2, these wines showed us that a beautiful wine can successfully be made without SO2. Beginning in 2015 we did experimentations using carbonic maceration on white wines. From trial and error, we learned what was possible and what produced compelling wines. Using the experiments, we knew we could do better and not only make a SO2 free orange wine that was palatable, but divine.
Bountiful acidity with a huge upward snap. Slightly present tannins like the best cocktails containing bitters, salty finish, minerality throughout.


  • Champagne Mango Champagne Mango
  • Graham Cracker Graham Cracker
  • Lime Wedge Lime Wedge
  • Yogurt Parfait Yogurt Parfait
  • Yellow Roses Yellow Roses
  • Hyacinth Hyacinth


  • Yellow Raspberry Yellow Raspberry
  • Kumquat Kumquat
  • Lemonade Lemonade
Bountiful Acidity & Upward Snap
Electric skinsy piquant snack.