Blanc de Blanc bottle against a black background

You must believe in the future.

From one of my life's pinnacle vintages. Reminding me of those perfect moments. Those moments when everything else stops.

Great wine has a way of leading one to these.    They hit and never let go. 

Winemaker Shane Moore
Blanc de Blancs
Blanc de Blanc animated unwrapping and pouring into a sparkling glass
Gran Moraine Blanc de Blancs bottle shot
750ML Bottle
Tiny Transparent Energetic Bubbles

We are pleased to reveal the next vintage of our estate-grown Blanc de Blancs sparkling wine. Sourced from three treasured blocks of Chardonnay, our single vineyard Blanc de Blancs has perfectly translucent tiny bubbles with a sultry umami-driven finish. This wine is a classic ride of indulgence and distinguished beauty. 

Vineyard: Gran Moraine 

Varietal: Chardonnay 

En tirage: 5 years, 6 months

Dosage: 3.0 g/L 

Atmospheric Pressure: 5-6 atm 

Green apple, brioche, Asian pear, white daisy, Banana Runts

Lemon-lime, Champagne Mango, ocean air, Korean melon, dragon fruit

A broad and rich footing, scaffolded together with bright acidity. A long sultry fruit de mer, umami-driven finish, framed by heady effervescence.

Wine glasses stacked on top of each other to form a pyramid