NV Dropstone Chardonnay Magnum 1.5L
1.5L Bottle

Sourced from two prized blocks of Chardonnay on our Gran Moraine Vineyard, the 2018 Dropstone Chardonnay is a singularity in and of itself. It uniquely straddles the new world and old world, possessing mesmerizing and captivating confidence. 

Sunflowers, Nashi pear, daffodils, gun smoke, petrichor, honeydew melon, graham cracker

Quince, kumquat, tangelo, lime with Maldon salt, sourdough pancakes, lightly roasted marshmallow

Sleek and mineral driven, like a highway after a late spring rain

16.5 months in 6% new French oak, 4 months in stainless steel

Sleek & Mineral

Like a highway after a late spring rain.

Bottle and glass of Dropstone Chardonnay on a table in the tasting room

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