Culinary Creations


Winemaker Shane Moore x Chef Dustin Joseph

Culinary Creations

Each swirl, sniff and sip should allow you to feel sound, hear color, and touch shapes. With the introduction of culinary pairings to our Gran Moraine flight, we’re opening a portal to a new dimension of wine tasting. Chef Dustin Joseph, of Biscuit & Pickles, has created three offerings to accompany winemaker Shane Moore’s sparkling, Chardonnay, and Pinot Noir expressions. Each plate is inspired by our vineyard terroir and signature winemaking style, carefully crafted to heighten your Gran Moraine wine experience.

  • Culinary Creations is a $50 add-on to your Gran Moraine wine experience
  • The offering includes three bites and feeds 2-4 guests
  • While this offering is not a substitute for lunch, the bites will hold you over until your next meal

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Preview Bites

Extreme Smashability 

Crispy fried chicken open faced with toasted brioche bun, saffron-truffle aioli, champagne-pineapple slaw, sweet pickles


The Wild Western Edge 

Brown butter salmon filet with crispy parsnip, trumpet style mushrooms, heirloom tomato conserva


Can’t Rush This 

Mason jar Callebaut chocolate mousse, toasted fresh mallow, shareable graham crackers

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